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England’s ‘but we invented it’ Fallacy of Football Defeat.

Posted in General, Humour, Opinion by admin on July 7, 2010

Alexander. B

Once again we have entered a major football tournament clutching our hopes and dreams of success on the international stage to our chests, only to find ourselves, in the event, clutching at straws. Every time we enter a competition it is with our heads held high and with our ambitions plastered across the national newspapers. Then we come crawling out of it like some lame animal after some miserable defeat. Then the grumble across the lips of the nation is “and from the country that invented it”.

But we did not invent it! What sort of a remark is that?



More than Lucky!

Posted in News by admin on June 2, 2010

If ever there was a man who was in the right place at the right time, it’s Lucky Ramaroa, owner of Lucky’s Pub in Phokeng, South Africa.
Lucky is, well, lucky enough to own the only pub in the town where England will play their first world cup game.

Around 4,1000 England fans hold tickets for the match against the USA, although thousands more are expected to turn up at the stadium on the day, leaving Lucky with a large pool of thirsty football fans to fill his 100-person capacity pub.

“I have hit the jackpot here, no doubt,”

Ramaroa said: “Unemployment is very high here, 60%. People have nothing to do but drink, but the World Cup will bring something extra to their lives, some excitement.

“Not much ever happens here and it doesn’t get any better than England coming. I have even been searching the internet for photographs of the Queen.”

He may well be lucky, but with England football fans who behave like this;

We can only hope that he’s more than lucky…