The Glottal Stop


Welcome to theGlottalStop. A delightful delicacy of thought with Politics, Literature, Books, and reviews all thrown together with a dash of humour by the intrepid cook, a twenty-something Politics and Philosophy student from the University of Birmingham, England.

So please, read, comment, debate and allow yourself to indulge and partake in thought provoking discussions on these ideas, ramblings, musations and contemplations.

We’re currently looking for contributors and writers. So if you feel that we would benefit from your contributions then please get in touch with us!

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Please email us with your suggestions, site comments, or ideas for contributions:
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“Only if we end our intellectual complacency can we supplant our media’s shallow perspective and author a greater future.”

“In my idle moments, which is what this blog is about, I also wonder how the century’ll get fixed.”


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